Immigrant’s Living Passport

Cooking, laundry, using water, cleaning, adjusting heaters, opening windows, handling rubbish. Common skills?No, they are not.

During their Living Passport training the immigrant will learn basic skills and knowledge around how to live in a block of flats, apartment upkeep and daily chores, how to live safely, and how to be careful with the interior of the apartment, responsibly and energy efficiently. The training teaches new and sustainable conduct and skills to replace any which are not so appropriate.

The Living Passport training also educates immigrants on living peacefully, taking the neighbours and the community into consideration and preventing disagreements and prejudice in the neighbourhood and building.

The objective of the training is to succeed in living independently and well in Finland. The training strengthens the immigrant’s integration and ability to manage everyday life and adapt to the new environment.

In addition to the immigrant, apartment owner and neighbours, the municipality also benefits from this training, for example in accelerating integration and in reduced costs of repairing apartments due to inappropriate living habits.

More information and contact details

Liisa Ojala
Development manager
tel. 050 438 5510
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