Training and services

Reception centres and pre-integration education for refugees

In autumn 2015, Viittakivi reacted to the vast numbers of asylum seekers entering the country by establishing reception centres in three locations. During 2015 and 2016, Viittakivi has delivered reception services to the Immigration Office. In Viittakivi’s reception centres, pre-integration education has been organised in co-operation with the University of Eastern Finland.

Education and tailored services

We combine solutions for effective integration in new ways to help the smooth operation of practical client integration.

Training for municipality staffEducation for refugees/immigrantsTraining for entities working with refugeesTailored services

Immigrant’s Living Passport

During their Living Passport training, the immigrant will learn basic skills and knowledge around how to live in a block of flats, apartment upkeep and daily chores, how to live safely, and how to be careful with the interior of the apartment, responsibly and energy efficiently.

The Living Passport training also educates immigrants on living peacefully, taking the neighbours and the community into consideration and preventing disagreements and prejudice in the neighbourhood.

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