Restaurant Polku

Restaurant Polku is an exceptional restaurant which mixes new and current Finns through relaxed home cooking. Our focus is to recognise skills suitable for restaurants and further develop them and their implication. Our staff have lived in Finland for various periods of time, but all of them are eager to learn Finnish and serve their customers in Finnish. We encourage you to use the Finnish language when visiting our restaurant.

Already at these early stages, our restaurant has staff from seven countries. The menu respects Finnish culinary culture, but has an innovative twist, mixing our multicultural staff’s worlds of tastes and cultural heritage. We have authentic home cooking from Gambia, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iran, Peru, Greece and Thailand.

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Interested? Please contact:

Tiina Solas
Service Manager, Restaurant Polku
tel. 050 351 8484
firstname.lastname (at)

Kim Lautamo
Service Manager, Ravintola Polku
tel. 050 569 4254
firstname.lastname (at)