“For decades, the core message of Viittakivi has been to increase interaction and understanding among people. This does not mean agreeing on everything or finding “the truth” about things, but finding a better understanding of each other and the reasons for and outcomes of events through interaction and dialogue.”

– Harri Sarjanoja, Managing Director

With its activities, Viittakivi is showing the way towards a multicultural, diverse, open and interactive society, where different people, cultures and communities can live together and learn from each other. We believe that everyone has something to give, knowledge, potential and the ability to dream and succeed.

Viittakivi is part of the Finnish settlement movement and a subsidiary of the Finnish Federation of Settlement House’s social group of companies.

Effective results with strong know-how

Our core skills are the provision of expert services and education regarding multicultural, effective integration and employment matters. We have experience and knowledge on asylum seekers’ reception and refuge, immigration and integration studies and development projects. We work with many universities and vocational colleges to gather current and researched information. Our wide co-operation network includes a variety of organisations, institutions, associations, municipalities and other companies.

A meeting point for cultures since 1951

Viittakivi was the first multicultural educational establishment in Finland – established in Hauho in 1951. For decades, Viittakivi has been an international and multicultural meeting point, where people from all around the world would come to study. On the legendary Viittakivi “winter courses” people studied languages, cultures, interaction and discussion skills, yoga, sustainable agriculture and much more. Viittakivi’s functions as a “Folk education school” ended in 2007 and the premises in Hauho were sold.

In autumn 2015, Viittakivi started again by offering reception centres for asylum seekers entering the country. Currently, our main focuses are supporting municipalities’ integration efforts by offering education and tailored services, developing employment opportunities for new Finnish citizens, and development and research regarding multiculturalism and immigration.

Time travel into Viittakivi’s history

Viittakivi Oy acts responsibly

Viittakivi on yhteiskunnallinen yritys ja se kuuluu Suomen Setlementtiliiton yhteiskunnalliseen konserniin. Olemme yhteiskunnallisten yritysten liiton ARVO:n jäsen ja sitoudumme toiminnassamme ARVOn ja Suomalaisen työn liiton määritelmiin yhteiskunnallisesta yrityksestä. Emme jaa viivan alle jäävästä tuloksesta osinkoja, vaan käytämme mahdolliset voitot sataprosenttisesti setlementtityön kehittämiseen ja suurempien yhteiskunnallisten voittojen maksimointiin.

Viittakivi Oy:n hallitus

Pirkko Ruuskanen-Parrukoski

Managing director of the Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation

Kirsi Mäntyniemi-Sipilä

Executive director of Kalliolan Nuoret ry

Rikhard Blomerus


Pentti Lemmetyinen, Chair of the Board

Managing director of the Finnish Federation of Settlement Houses