Research and development

External project funding is used to conduct research and development activities in Viittakivi. Project-based, strongly networked operations bring more resources to the settlement work seeking equality, pluralism and social justice.

The objectives of the development and research are:

  • in its project work, to further immigrants’ education and employment paths and take part in development work to develop multicultural educational work together with local settlements and other partners
  • to find cost-efficient solutions to support asylum seekers’ integration process
  • to strengthen and bring closer regional so-operation to safeguard asylum seekers’ inclusion in society
  • to produce social innovations which help to further the possibilities for local communities to answer the demands of a multicultural society
Research co-operation with universities


Liisa Ojala
Development manager
tel. 050 438 5510
firstname.lastname (at)

Juha-Pekka Liljander
Research director
tel. 050 300 5879
firstname.lastname (at)

Ville Hartonen
Education co-ordinator
tel. 044 976 5169
firstname.lastname (at)