From the reception centre to your own home

Supporting the transition period in the Paths to The Community project

The latter part of 2016 was an excellent start for the Paths to the Community project in streamlining integration in Southern Savo. The project staff made it possible for many new residents to move to their own homes in co-operation with the reception centres, municipality, private housing suppliers, volunteers and other local entities. With the help of the project, approximately 30 people moved into their own homes from the reception centre in the Southern Savo area. Most project participants moved to the same municipality as their reception centres were located, i.e. in Pieksämäki and Savonlinna.

The objective is to find a home for asylum seekers who have received a residence permit in the province where they have been waiting for the decision. Despite the difficult housing situation, many permit holders will move to the capital area and other larger cities. This year, 60 per cent of residence permit holders have moved to the ten largest cities. (TEM)

The Paths to the Community project will continue until the end of 2017 to provide help with everyday challenges – big or small – for people who have moved into their own homes. We focus on flexible integration paths. We support the transition from refugee centres to their own homes in their own municipalities by holding information meetings and events in many languages, which are organised together with the municipality, bank, police and Kela.