The workshop will be held in Lahti

We offer for a person without education in the field a rare opportunity to get a closer look on the professions of the field of apparel design. During the try-out period, the participant will find out if multicultural fashion, clothing design and product development are the field of industry that she or he finds the most compatible. In addition, the participant will have time to ponder upon the question whether she or he would like to be an employee or an entrepreneur.

After completing the try-out, the person might also decide that she or he needs further education on the field. In our workshop, the instructors are professionals of the field, and they are also qualified educators. This is a joint project between Viittakivi Oy and Lahti University of Applied Sciences.

The group will consist of 15 persons at maximum. We’ll interview the applicants and from among them will choose the most promising ones. The work try-out will start in November 2017, and it will last for six (6) months. To get the most out of the try-out you should stay in the program for all that time, but at first it is possible to sign in for a shorter period.

You are qualified to apply to the work try-out with us if

a. Your language skills are on the level high enough to follow instructions given mainly in Finnish and in English. Naturally, we do not expect you to have perfected the Finnish skills, and during the try-out period you will learn more of the language. Among other things, the vocabulary used by the professionals of apparel industry will be taught

b. You are interested in working in the field of apparel design and dressing

c. It is possible for you every workday to come to our workshop in Lahti

d. You are living in one of the following municipalities: Asikkala, Heinola, Hollola, Kärkölä, Lahti, Orimattila, Padasjoki, Sysmä

e. You already have registered in TE-toimisto (public employment and business services) as an unemployed person looking for a job or are willing to do so

f. In addition to the things mentioned above you match three (3) of the following criteria:

  • You are an immigrant
  • You already have some skills and knowledge related to production of clothes. For example, you have sewn clothes as a hobby, or in your country of origin you have learned ways of decorating fabrics typical to the region
  • You haven’t got a vocational degree in the field
  • You are 18–30 years old

Don’t hesitate to call us and make an appointment for the interview!

Sinikka Laine
050 313 7755

Ngosa Mumba-Martiskainen
050 344 1822